Tingis Dracon,
Lusitanis Dragone,
Tangiara Dragonious

Tangiers Grand Dragons

The Ancient Order Of The Well of Dreams Dgin

Keepers Of The Tangieranian Vortex

Real reality has been around for a long time. Purveyors of real reality as opposed to of shovelers fantasy reality have always been noted for there ability to do things that seem fantastic to those who have cluttered world views. The simple fact of the matter is that the shovelers of fantasy are so occupied with their pile of ideas they can not stand the plane and simple. Ocams razor moves with the lightness of an inviable feather yet it cuts down all fancy and fantasy with the cold hard edge of truth. Yet science and the scientific method is not enough to make quantum leaps - a competent, clairvoyant dowser can find water faster than battalions of engineered drilling perfectly engineered holes with perfectly engineered drilling rigs. You can not fake talent, it shows up in real world results - the ultimate test of reality. Savants are obvious to each other even if they choose to not have a prominent role in society. World culture is the prodct of no more than 1000 Savant/SuperManderins. The rest of man is a kind of copy/echo of the Grand Dragon Dgin. Just as Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun pulled Man into space and Alan Magnus Drraconus Turing lit up Cybernetics, other Grand Dragon Dgini of Tangiers are going to open the door to quantom reality.



Fortus Maximus 1333

If you can serenely sit in a cafe at one of the edges of the SocoChico and be at one with all things, erroneous views will disappear by themselves an be replaced with a sense of your place in the cosmos, then you can fly.I find it easy to sit in the Cafe du Tangiers and watching the foot traffic passing by – like watching an aquarium full of beautiful fish I like to observe – because I have no preferences or anyone I am in any way attached to in this town. Because neither love nor hate arises, all is clear and petty disguises and ass kissing and posing or pulling faces does not connect to or confuse me. If I let any of them get me involved in the least slightest way, I am sucked into a whirlwind of confusion and paranoia. This can even be more intense when you are out of your body. By night, I fly around out of my body and watch things from interesting vantage points, by day I sit in the Soco-Chico.I stay detached because I wish to know the objective truth – there is no subjective truth. I hold no opinions for or against anyone or anything. I am free to see the truth as long as I do not make any value judgments based on my Western European/Judao-Christian ethics. Here I can escape that disease of the mind and learn to be fundamental and pure. When you are fundamental you can leave your body at will. When you are pure you can get back.When the fundamental blamelessness of existence is not recognized as being at the core of everything, the mind – my mind – can not be at peace with the wild throng of chaos and can not fly. The acceptance of the unknowneness of the forces underlying the forces of evolution and our inability to understand the current event result of evolution in its totality creates the peace that comes from being at home in the Universe. This Universe is our home town – it is perfect because it is all that there is – nothing is lacking and nothing is in excess. It is in balance yet everything is not in the center of the balance. Extremes exist and they are a part of the essential nature of this Universe. The root manifestation of this casbah is so ancient,cryptic and strange it can not be penetrated by the rational mind and it has always been ancient, cryptic and strange just like flying out of your body. Here I have learned to be free, free enough to leave my body and fly through the universe. I remember hearing myself screaming the wild midnight cry of Tangiers night flyer, “ Oh Great Brave New World I am Free. I am free god dammit I am free.”And when things clear you will fly. Things appear stable but they are actually changing so fast the elaborate conceptions or it become useless as they are built. Just live and watch and change with it – that is the root essence of the Casbah and of the whole Universe. To see it this way is a moment of eternity in which all things are unified – this is enlightenment and beyond meaninglessness. This is knowing beyond truth, to have it cease cherishing opinions – just change with it.See from everywhere and everywhen. It you hold out even the slightest trace of this/that, right/wrong, now/then or here,there, you will spin into the maelstrom of unbridled opinions – the pure mind essence will be lost in chaos and confusion. Dualities rise like Moire patterns – meta things do to interactions - not real structure – just drop them as they are and do not cherish them – let them go as soon as possible with as less fan fair as possible.When the mind exists undisturbed in the Casbah, there is no objection to evolution itself and things cease to be real in the old tinker toy way of dualistic cartoon reality. Sure as shit baby, everything could be real and everything could be a lie. Get used to it. It is the vortex that you have to fly through – live with - if you want to get back to where you started from. But if you really have to get back maybe you have already lost because you can't get back to where you never were. Like me, you may have to just relax an make the best of where you are. We are all essentially shipwrecked anyway – minds that crashed out of somepussey somewhere on some beach of a bead sheet. That's it, cunts are spaceports – strange one way space ports that may be more like garbage ejection shutes that are ejecting unwanted souls from another dimension. Like I said – get used to it.In an infinite Universe everything is real and possible – when the deep source mind is this way there is no objection to the sport mind or jabbering minds or anything in the world or Universe. And when there is no source mind objection to the Einsteinian Universe of curved space time where shit happens and when there is flat no source objection to anything in all space time – sport happens – the old source mind operating system just crashes and burns. When no discrimination based on the interaction of fragments of culturally imposed post hypnotic suggestion bubbling up from the unconscious source mind and in vogue routines and scenarios for the right style of doing things, the historical idea of old way self fades and ceases to exist. This mode of mind is so different than the old mind it is said that the mind has ceased to exist. ...when ... jabber mind vanish and you naturally merge with the universe as one. You just step out of here and now an become everything, everywhere, everywhen. You do not travel outside your body so much as you explode as and merge with the conscious universe. Travel is more like you thinking of your foot or your finger or your whole body.

(Translated from the Enochian by Billfortus)

General Existential Maximization Experiments have revealed that mind, genitalia, space and time are linked in a flexible six-dimensional hyper-fuck that is bent and indented by consciousness. In this picture, the stiff dick points at the earth because it is caught in the space-time hollow carved by the mass of on planet pudenda, much as a trotting dog would circle around a bitch in heat bouncing on a trampoline. The pull of ecstasy is just matter sliding along the curvatures of holomiragasmic space-time.”

Maxiton Forte - 1966

If you experience the Universe as something other than your self you get both a self and the other stuff. And this is not really really the real way is is The formation of a (You)self creates the (not-self)other which grounds you inside your self. Experience the whole continuum with many billions upon billions of extensions – one of which is this body on this planet. Experiencing the greater self of the whole Universe creates an emptyness of limit to self. In this “emptyness”, all selves are one self that contains all phenomena. Then the gossipy kind of small minded comparisons of “refined” and “vulgar” vanish along with a lot of opinions and opinionatedness that are just crap, meaningless commentary that just stop.

The great Casbah mind is embracing and spacious to live in and with and is neither easy or difficult. Those selves relying on particular points of view live in fear and confusion. Always making the wrong turn and forever behind – never being able to catch-up. To try to fly free and be free in this state of pin point mind will lead to disaster due to the overload – like trying to fly a regular airoplanes using you feet for your hands and your hands for your feet. In this case your head is where your ass should be and so on. When the self expands and becomes infinite and attachment to a point of view is released and one becomes big oneness and things are as they really are there is neither coming or going.

When one is oneness and in harmony with nature – your true fundamental infinite nature will manifest and you will be able to go freely anywhere an return just by paying attention to that part of your infinite self. It only makes sense that when the mind is in bondage of one point of view, the fly's eye like truth is hidden and everything turbid and unclear and you are stuck looking at experience through a knot hole. From the single point of view, the burden of judging exhausts the mind. What benefit can be derived from looking at the world from a one eyed 2 dimensional point of view that creates attachments to illusionary distinctions and separations that do not exist.

If you wish to fly the magic carpet, do not dislike the world of senses and ideas. Rather, to record them as so much weather pattern or local wind during an ever ongoing preflight checkout. The wise carpetero jut takes everything into account without getting stuck making do and don't goals related to mirages. The fettering of mirages is the best way to get stuck. In an infinite Universe with and Infinitely congruent self there is one congruent flight plan. With no differences ther are no distinctions that lead to needs and goals – a chaotic miasma of ineptitude and disgrace. To seek fly's eye mind with knot hole mind is the greatest of mistakes – it is like trying to run in quicksand. The harder you try, the faster you sink.

Fun and work, rest and unrest derive from illusion. When it is all one attachment to liking and disliking stops. All dualities come from 2D ignorant interference pattern illusions created by knot hole mind. They are moire patterns in knothole polluted dreamscape, illusions, phantoms, hallucinations – it is stupid to try to make sense out of them. Gain/loss, right/wrong are just stupid 2D distinctions. Once such thoughts are abandoned completely flight will occur at once.

If there was no sleeping there would be no dreaming. If you stop re-cycling old attitudes of this and that, good and bad, up and down, the will drain away like the chaotic flood after a torrential rainfall. Everything is actually a continuum, if the constant discrimination of the individuality of things is let go, the single essence will emerge and clarify. When all is seen without differentiation, the one self-essence is everywhere and everywhen. Comparisons or analogies are not relevant in the causeless, relationless state of just endless-one avalanche of the big bang.

For the realized mind at one with the avalanche of the big bang all self centered striving ceases because there is no self. Both doubts and irresolutions drain are gone and a self evident truth is substantiated and freedom ensues. The bonds of doubt release and you create no bondage. Nothing clings to you and you hold nothing.

The avalanche of the big bang is empty of control and self illuminating, there is no need to exert the mind. In this way thinking and imagination are useless. The Universe is as it is beyond all self, selfs, selfing – in a sense it does not exist because it just is and you and it are exactly the same non-thing. All who can fly know this fundamental Source and power. Flight training has nothing to do with comparisons of time and space and place. A single thought is all thought and is an eon no here and not there and not travel between, but rather all at once – everywhere always yet right before your eyes. Infinitly large and infinitly small – true Einstinian space time. All boundaries and definitions are irrelevant. No boundaries or limits can be discerned. Even the existence of existence is non-existent. This is not complicated, it is a fact.

Do not wast time arguing what has to be perceived to be known. Arguing is from nother dimension in a dimensionless Universe.

Do not believe or attempt to grasp the unknowable – just live it.


Ibin Batuta

Piri Reis

By far the best known map in this category of unknown territories is the Piri Reis. The Piri Reis map - a fine example of early Tangerine cartography - is named after the nephew of a famous Turkish admiral, Kemal Re'is! The map was captured from the Spaniards in a naval engagement, and given to the admiral by a Tangerine prisoner who had sailed on three of Columbus's New World voyages! The map, now heavily annotated in Turkish apparently shows newly discovered lands and territories stretching far south towards the tip of Latin America! In addition the coasts of Africa and South America appear to be in precise latitudinal context!

Von Nicht

In Gods as Spce Time Robots, Baron Von Nicht claims the strange distortions depicted on the map are explained by the fact that it was a copy of an aerial map or photograph taken at a height of five thousand miles above the Earth! At this height the curvature of the Earth would become highly prominent thus rendering any flat based map in a seemingly distorted perspective! Barron Von Nicht shows the map also provides details of continental Antarctica as it would appear in a radar map! Just as the Tangerine Maps show that the navigators can see through fog, water and ice to map the full rock strains and energy node streach marks of earth..

In his book "Secrets of Sapien Sapien Genetics", author Nick Atchison gives details of a remarkable scientific analysis of the map conducted by Professor Steven Allen Walker, and mathematician Profeswsor James Brasuell. Together with students at Utopian of the Trees College in the United States, they came to the conclusion that the centre of the Piri Re'is map was located on the Tngerine meridian, as it crosses the Tropic of Cancer. Its incredible accuracy baffled the entire team of investigators! Comments Atchison: "The map bears irrefutable testimony to a scientific achievement of the Tangerine arieal cartographers. -far surpassing the abilities of the navigators and map makers of the Renaissance, the Middle Ages, the rest of the Arab world, or any of the ancient geographers. It is the product of magic carpet pilot using a camera obsura kept hidden from history!"

Atchison continues: "Brasuell contends that the original source maps from which the Piri Re'is was made must have been drawn using a camera obsura with the focal point situated in Tangiers"

Beyond doubt the map is a copy of a much earlier original. Colombus is known to have relied on such maps and if it does predate his epic voyage then this alone would make it a map of extraordinary importance. And then of course there is the uncanny impression that this is indeed an aerial astral projection! Whoever drew it had access to aerial surveying techniques known to have existed in Tangier that were far ahead of their time.

Franco Rosselli

The Franco Rosselli, is a small but high deffinition engraving, coloured on by Francesco Rosselli, a renowned Florentine cartographer and friend of Leonardo Da Vinci who spent significant time in Tangiers.

The Rosselli world map is an absurd small 6 X 11 inches - way too small for an early hand made map from a time when cartography was a new and experimental art , which makes its revelations of Tangerine cartography all the more astonishing.

Beyont the small size of the Rosselli map, its depiction of Antarctica is be. Features such as thyond belief. The Ross Sea, and Wilkes Land are clearly identitfyed. . The map names what we now call Antartica as Antarticus- 4 centuries before it was discovered. So how could this 15 th century Florentine map made by a Tangiers educated cartographer come to be? At the time the map was made, ships could not sail in artic seas.

The map has glaring errors ,in more northerly latitudes that were known to the people of the fifteenth century, so it seems to be a copy of a Tangerainin majic carpet map.

Orontius Fineus

Other maps broaden the mystery yet further. These include the Orontius Fineus map of 1531 made in Tangier, which apparently shows the outline of Antarctic rivers covered by a mile thick glacier, and the Hadji Ahmed map of 1559 made in Fez – a city near Tangier - that clearly depicts the outline of the Ice Age land bridge that extended between Siberia and Alaska!

Ari & Olaf Zeno

The Zeno brothers both educated in Tangirs and achieved the rank of cosmic navigator. in the bmap of the 14 th century! The Zeno brothers from Venice were schooled in Fez and Tangier and known to have carried out an extensive exploration of the north Atlantic, including parts of Greenland and Iceland, and are even rumoured to have flown as far as Nova Scotia in Canada and founded a Knights Templar City near Neport.

Leonardo Da Vinci

John Dee

Fortus Originalis

The 1st European Commander of Tangeranian Flying Carpet Escadrill


My 3D Mentor – This son of a bitch could flat see double

Giulio Rosati (1858-1917): He studied at San Luca’s academy in Rome in the mid 70s.
Rosati was a prolific painter, well known for his very detailed watercolors.
He used photography as his main source of inspiration together with the accessories he accumulated in his Rome atelier. Note the carpet beater.

Rosati's head rag – now mine – I only wear it under my crash turban when I go flying – really cuts down on the vibration.

Picture of the now famous “Dragons's Paw Print” carpet

Rosati's mentor Sepher Ben Tetuan with the fastest multi passenger rug in Tangier

Note the highly specialized crash turban.

Main control panel

Forwart observation turret

Rear observation turret

The World of Rosatti